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Where do i start!


We currently have two ranges of "Can-Van" The Standard Spec horsebox which all the spec is further down this page..... also the Part conversion (click here for the link to go to the part conversion page) 

Both suitable to carry upto 16.2hh horses ( AS PICTURED)

All are based on 3.5 tonne Renault Master or Vauxhall movano chassis

Before ANY conversion is started all the vans are fully inspected before purchased and given an engine compression test to ensure that the engine is of a good standard, they are then serviced (all fluids and filters).The cam belt KIT is done within the "Standard Spec" price.

Before the vehicle is handed over to the new owner a 12 months m.o.t is supplied, we also ensure that our visual safety report is available upon collection of the vehicle.

The PART CONVERSIONS  are available really to allow you to get out and about at an affordable cost. They start at a VERY basic level which may not be to everyone’s liking but it does give the chance for some people to at least have good, safe reliable transport which is yours and your an independent soul!

Our theory behind the Part conversion is …… if your happy with the basic level great, another happy customer.  BUT the part conversions allow you to add to the spec at a later date as and when funds dictate.

If you want to have as much carrying capacity as possible this is also the option for you.

We always suggest to go as new on the chassis as possible ( for resale and reliability) so for instance if you had £10,500.00 pounds to spend you could either have a fully finished, painted Standard Spec horsebox This would be on a year 2002/2003 in any colour that you like, logos, chrome wheel trims etc….


You could say to yourself, no I’m going on a newer chassis and have a Part conversion on a newer Facelift chassis around a 2005/2006 and add to it next year if you wanted.


The option is yours, we can do as little or as much as you require and working to a budget that you want to keep to! 




we have a massive "extras list" available but the "Standard Spec" horsebox covers most peoples needs.





biscuit mk2 front


bartrum interior












HORSE AREA for our standard spec:

  • Lined throughout in a waterproof plasti-coated steel sheet totally sealed for easy cleaning Equi-mat wall mat has been placed throughout to prevent injury


  • Totally sealed Aluminium flooring with drainage holes with soft but durable Equi-mat flooring on the upper surface.


  • 1 x half height padded partition


  • 2 x opening roof lights


  • Adequate lighting


  • Light weight carpeted ramp with gas struts and optional single or barn style top doors


  •  Optional choice of three Breast bars ....... we recommend the open removable breast bar however you can choose a Half open breast bar or solid breast bar.


  • Tie rings etc



GROOMS AREA for our standard spec


  • Lined throughout in ribbed durable lining carpet with an easy clean cheek pieces made from the easy clean plasti-coated sheeting where you tie the horses
  • Storage seating on one side with boxed in wheel arch on the other.


  • Two saddle poles


  • Two bridle hooks 


  •  flooring... again two options of either continue through the grooms area with the 20mm equi-matt that is in the horse area or we use a durable non-slip "Twinkle" flooring which consists of a small metal flake moulded into the lino making it grippy but not sharp.


  •  Adequate lighting




Here where the fun comes.........


  •  Any colour that you like in a non metalic paint (metalic is an optional extra)


  • Either our standard jumping horse logos or your own logos including the word "HORSES" front and rear.


  • Chrome wheel trims


  • Gas struts to the ramp


  •   single style doors


  • choice of windows that fit into the rear doors, either large Renault manufactered tinted windows or smaller vent windows that open.


  • Two exterior ties


  • A full service and cam belt change on the chassis with conditions of warranty depending on year of chassis.


Depending on your requirements and chassis, prices start on the MK2 Renault Master 2002/2003. Subject to availability from £10,500.00 with the above STANDARD specifications


The newer shape Renault Masters on the Facelift versions on a 2004/2005 subject to availability start from £12,500.00 with the above STANDARD specifications


** All prices above are inclusive v.a.t and chassis **





yuck side

This is my fatboy ! hes a Hannovarian 16.1hh wearing a six foot three rug.


Hopefully you can see the height of horse isn't the problem, what you will have to be careful of is the weight. The van fully converted to our standard spec weighs approx 2200kg which enables you to carry approximately 1300kg If you need more Payload (carrying capacity) this is achievable by having less fittings in the grooms area i.e. the Part conversion some  have gone to new homes with 1370 kgs available.


The internal measurements of our standard high top "CAN-VAN" are as follows:

Height of our standard high top ideal for horses under 16.2HH

85 inches

Seven foot 1 inch

Horse area chest to tail length ( this is our standard measurement we can alter this if you require)

78 inches

Six foot six inches

Tack area length ( this would be the standard length from the horses breast bar to the rear doors movement of the breast bar dictates length of your groom area:

63 inches

Five foot three inches

Width for both above :

67 inches

five foot seven inches

Height of Breast bar ( this again is our standard height but we can alter as required)

48 inches

Four foot











** please note all measurements are approximate **






STANDARD High Roof VEHICLE spec ( based on mk 2 Renault Master )


Unladen Weight

2,150 kilos approx

Gross Weight

3,500 kilos

approximate Carrying Capacity

1,350 kilos

Internal Length (Horse Area)

6 feet 6 inches (we can alter the measurement to your own requirements as requested)

Overall Length

19 feet 7 inches

Internal Length (grooms Area)

5 feet 2.5 inches

Overall Width

6 feet 7 inches

Internal Width

5 feet 7 inches

Overall Height

9 Feet 1 inches

Internal Height

7 feet 1 inches



Engine Sizes available

1998 - 2007



1.9 litre 4-cylinder dCi turbo charged direct Common Rail injection engine. Economical to run, tried and tested, does an admirable job.




2.2 litre 4-cylinder dCi turbo charged direct Common Rail injection engine. Economical to run, tried and tested, it is a star performer.





2.5 litre 4-cylinder, 16-valve, turbo charged direct Common Rail injection engine. Tried and tested, it is a star performer offering the highest quality driving experience and outstanding durability.


3.0 litre 4-cylinder, 16-valve, dCi turbo charged direct Common Rail injection engine with Westgate turbocharger. Tried and tested, it is a star performer offering the highest quality driving experience and outstanding durability.


B.H.P for the above


80 BHP

100 BHP

120 BHP

140 BHP


Engine Sizes available

1995 - 1998

2.5 D EU8 diesel engine approximately 85 BHP has been a tried and trusted power source these vehicles suit the needs at an affordable price



 Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you have ..... its an expensive move and alot of research and homework to do !!!!..... you need to get it right first time!


Thankyou for taking the time to look at what we get up to and we wish you all the best in finding suitable transport.



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